What I Stand For

Student Advocacy

As a trustee, I shall always vote for what is fair and in the best interest of the student.  All students have a right to education and to the schooling that helps them succeed.  It is my experience that schools must fit the program to the child and not the child to the program.  It may take innovation and a leap of faith, but all kids can learn.

Public Education Advocacy

I am a life-long advocate of public education that provides free education under the auspices of a board whose members are accountable and transparent to the community that elected them.  I endorse the #TRUSTee principles as symbolic of the trustee's role in public education.   

Communication and Collaboration

I promise on-going communication with parents and stakeholders, not only listening and responding to your concerns, but celebrating your students' successes at all levels and abilities and celebrating the wonderful teachers, assistants, and volunteers who support your child's growth. 

I promise to work collaboratively, not just with other trustees, but with entities within and without the Board to ensure a safe, nurturing environment for your child.